Spring in New York City

by Liz Dowling

An oldie, but goodie from April 2016. Nothing like spring in New York…..

It crept in slowly this year, but spring finally arrived last weekend.  Sunday was 65 degrees, sunny and gorgeous.  Time for a walk.

My husband and I have started to take long walks on the weekend.  We walked to Greenwich one weekend and Larchmont the next.  Our daughters think the empty nest has made us weird.  This Sunday we decided to take the train to 125th street and walk to the bottom of the Highline, ending at the Whitney Museum on Gansevoort Street.

We walked down Madison Avenue from 125th, through Carnegie Hill and took a right on 82nd street to head into the park.

Central Park was teeming with people.  Everyone was out!

We headed to the west side and left the park at Columbus Circle.

Time for a delicious French lunch at Maison Kayser.

Fortified with water, coffee, a fresh baguette and salad nicoise – we headed towards 10th avenue and south to the Highline.


We found some cute, new restaurants on 9th avenue and a flea market in Hell’s Kitchen on our way down.


We jumped on the Highline at 30th and 10th avenue.

P1090098  P1090097
It was packed!  A two lane highway.


P1090104  P1090106
Lady Liberty in our view.

A shared gelato at the end of our walk to celebrate.  My iPhone said we walked 7.5 miles, MapMyRun said we walked 6.8.  Regardless, it was a fabulous day.  Time to grab a cab to Grand Central.  Brooklyn Bridge next?

the wry home

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