Summer in NYC

by Liz Dowling

Off to NYC to see friends, shop, eat and see the Basquiat King Pleasure exhibit before it closes.
Ninety degree temperatures be damned!

First stop – Gucci. This light blue bag with the orange cross-body strap….

How cute are these shoes??? Rhino, Christmas is coming and we know how much you (don’t) like being toted around in a bag!

Beautiful hydrangeas in the West Village and a great dinner at Canto on Perry Street.

But the highlight for me was the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at the Starrett-Lehigh on West 26th street.

200+ works, 177 have never been seen before. The show was put together by his two sisters who spent five years poring over their brother’s paintings, drawings, photographs, VHS movies, sculpture collection, toys and memorabilia to curate a sweeping exhibition of his life.

Early drawings from his childhood featuring Gumby and Pokey. For those who remember that cartoon!

The show feels like a family scrapbook come to life.

The yellow painting is done on a moving blanket and strung onto a frame.

More drawings from his childhood. The crown emerging as an early theme.

1985 New York Times Magazine cover, signed by Jean-Michel for his father (upper right hand corner).

One of his scrapbooks.

Replica of his painting studio at 57 Great Jones Street, complete with his signature Comme Des Garcons trench coat hanging on the wall.

More Great Jones Studio. Video loop of Jean-Michel painting in upper right corner.

Jean-Michel loved Jazz. The painting on the left is a nod to Charlie Parker, aka Bird.

Part of a 41 foot painting called “Nu Nile” that he made for the Palladium nightclub in 1985. Those of you who know me, know how much I love Basquiat. I love that whole time period, early 1970s to late 1980s, a creative explosion in New York. Some great books I have read about him:  “Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art” and “Widow Basquiat.” He is in the “Andy Warhol Diaries” Netflix documentary too, not to be missed.

In some non-Basquiat news – I got to see my daughter, my college roommate and some of my FUN fellow Brown coaching buddies when I was in the city. Summer is a fun time to be there ~ just saying!!!!

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Cynthia August 11, 2022 - 9:22 am

Great post! I want that bag AND those shoes!! And sad to miss the Basquiat exhibit! xo

Liz Dowling August 11, 2022 - 10:17 am

I know, the bag and shoes…. love them! Hope to see you soon!

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