Its a mod, mod desert

by Liz Dowling

Boston in February has revealed itself as a bit of a problem for us. Snow is scarce, but the color gray dominates the skyline, along with howling winds and freezing cold. Time to go!

There is something about the smell, temps and colors in the desert that lured us back again this year. Not to mention our fabulous west coast friends and family.

Rhino loves it too. She basks in the sun and wanders around the citrus trees. Not bad for 17!

We filled our days with pickleball, modernism tours, great restaurants and time with our friends. Lots of dinner parties, games, celebrations and fresh citrus cocktails. Hiking and skiing too.


There was probably more snow in the desert this year than there was in Boston!


My friend’s store, Pink Cactus (@pinkcactusps) is the cutest place in the city and should be your first stop when you arrive in Palm Springs.


Where we love to eat ~ Holiday House, Pink Cabana (above), Birba, Il Corso, the Del Rey bar at Villa Royale and Workshop.

The Colony Palms is a beautiful place to eat dinner outside. Don’t forget Gabino’s Creperie for the best lunch crepe ever and tacos at El Saguaro for a casual dinner.

We went on some really fun Modernism tours.

This is the House of Tomorrow, where Elvis and Priscilla spent their honeymoon. Woo Hoo!


A monochromatic neutral theme in this honeymoon haven.


Back to bright decor!


She’s having fun!

We went to art shows. This is a painting on canvas. Pretty sure an ode to Burning Man.

I bought a new poster by my favorite French illustrator Rene Gruau. See his G signature with the asterisk at the top? I have four posters by him now and they are not easy to find!


Rhino kind of sleeping in the sun. It gets cold at night, so sweaters on and a fire in the fireplace.


I will say, this is not an easy place to leave.


On our way home, the American Airlines flight attendants were so MEAN to Rhino, I took it as an omen that we should have stayed!


Until next time Palm Springs…..

the wry home

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