Brimfield Antiques Show

by Liz Dowling

I love a good flea market, but don’t really have the knack to sift through and find the “good” stuff. When we lived in Charlotte, I would go to Metrolina Antique & Vintage Market (now permanently closed) with my friend Julie and aimlessly wander the fields.

I was at Brimfield for two days this week with the same friend and the first thing I bought was a vintage Mr. Potato Head in the original packaging.  On the other hand, she was finding amazing vintage Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry….. See what I mean?

I haven’t been to Brimfield before and it is only an hour from Boston. Julie invited me to join her for the May show, but she is an expert shopper, so I strapped on a pair of sneakers and was determined to keep up with her!

But I get waylaid by stuff like this. I had to let her go ahead and we kept in touch by text.

It was BEAUTIFUL weather and lots of people were excited to be at the show. The past few years Brimfield has been cancelled or greatly scaled back because of Covid.

Found some fun bracelets and strange gold jewelry.

I found three vintage lucite bracelets that will be fun for the summer.

Lots of outdoor furniture in time for warm weather.

Booth after booth along the Brimfield path.

Why do I gravitate toward this kind of stuff?

This was the designers choice section, only open for two hours. We had to buy tickets and line up to get in.

I did get this lovely painting for a deal right before it closed at 1:00.

I love the old French grain sacks.

I bought this red one and am going to make two bolster pillows out of it.

Another hodge podge of stuff. I am sure Julie would find the one valuable item in all of this!

And more…… I don’t even know what to take pictures of, I get so overwhelmed!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Is this? There is a mirror in the middle….. for putting your lipstick on heading out the door?

There are a million places to stop for lunch or a beverage to keep you going. There are two other shows this year: July 12-17 and September 6-11. For directions, set your GPS for Town Hall at 21 Main St. Brimfield, MA and you will see all of the activity. We parked at Hertan’s which is kind of in the middle of everything with easy access to all of the vendors. For more information, go to  and it should have all you need. Happy shopping!

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