Spring Projects…

by Liz Dowling

I have a list of projects that I am excited to get done by Spring!

The cold weather has definitely shifted my focus to warmer months and getting ready to enjoy them.

My white couch and matching club chair (below) are both getting recovered for Spring.  The original hope when I bought them was that they wouldn’t get TOO dirty, sandy, moldy or doused with red wine.  Nope.

You can see I already recovered the bottom cushions in blue to mitigate the normal wear and tear, but it is time to give them a complete overhaul.

I like the blue-gray shade on the furniture now, but it was not easy to find a fabric that came close.  I pulled about 15 different samples, here are some.

I found this Duralee Azure ultra suede to recover the couch and chair. Super soft and really easy to clean.  The contrast welt will be Lee Jofa Ice in a thick Hattaras Cotton that will create a nice texture contrast.  The 4 blue pillows on the back of the couch and 1 pillow on the chair are still in good shape, so those will be cleaned and used again.

This small sectional is another item desperately in need of a refresh. We love the fact that it is armless like a slipper chair.  It allows us to fit a lot of people/dogs in the room  – everyone flops all over this sectional.  It is also a sleeper, so two (small) people can sleep here, which is useful for overflow guests.

The beige upholstery has never been my favorite, so it is GONE.  The existing throw pillows are fine (for now), I will wash all of the covers before Spring.

The sectional and ottoman will be recovered in this Duralee Denim ultra suede.  Dirt friendly as a lot of people sit on this during the summer and – again – easy to clean.  I am not making new pillows right now, but it would be fun to have four big pillows in this Lily Pulitzer fabric.  I might have to do that…

Last project that I really hope I can get done…..

I want to replace this (ugly) countertop and strange beadboard backsplash with something white and modern.  This kitchen has low ceilings and tends to be dark and this combo does not help.

I also need to fix the counter dimensions.  It goes beyond the backsplash and into the pantry molding on this side by almost  two inches.

On the other side by the microwave (photo above) the counter stops 3″ before it should!  Ridiculous.

I love a basic Carrara Marble subway tile for the backsplash. For the counter, a white quartz by HansStone.

My hope is that the final effect will look like below ~ a lot lighter!

A new undermount stainless sink and single hole pull-down faucet (like the one above, but in chrome) are on the list too.  I will keep you posted!

the wry home

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Maureen February 7, 2019 - 8:30 pm

Liz, I just used the same tiles that you’ve shown on the backsplash and walls!!
I love them and they look great in my room!! Good luck! Love all your new colors for BI!!

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