Sneak Peek

by Liz Dowling

A sneak peek of my daughter’s new apartment. She has done an awesome job, considering she moved in just three weeks ago!

Living Room before. Take a look at the ceiling light fixture…

…and now. How cute is this light? She found it on and bought the pretty ceiling detail for $8.00 on Amazon – it looks like it was already part of the apartment!

Cute new white area rug from Overstock. Couch from West Elm that she already had. Mirror and standing lamp from our Rye house. All of the artwork she brought from her old apartment. The bedroom is through the door in the background, with pretty views of her street.

Rhino is helping! White pouf ottoman from West Elm. Matisse print from our Rye House. New glass coffee table from West Elm. Mirror hung up and floor lamp moved next to the couch. Throw pillows are from last apartment.

Rachel Zoe dotted throw on couch arm. Floor lamp is Target. Mirror is so old, I literally have no idea! I painted it white years ago when we moved to Rye. The beauty of repurposing and reusing your stuff!

Another view of the glass coffee table ~ its super cute! A glass coffee table helps keep a small space feel open.

Opposite view of the living room towards the kitchen. See the nook straight ahead with the oval mirror?

It’s pretty big and wasn’t being used as a closet, so Em decided to make it her office.

She is wallpapering the whole inside with peel-and-stick wallpaper from Carter & Main. I helped her get this first piece of wallpaper up, but she needs to order more. Her new desk from West Elm is on its way. The cute pale pink velvet desk chair is from Overstock and can be turned into the living room if she needs additional seating.

Closer look at the wallpaper. Her desk chair matches this pale pink color perfectly. The oval mirror is from our days in Charlotte, NC (shout out to Beth Kiem). Em is painting the mirror white this weekend ~ it adds some nice reflective light to this little space.


The top of the “office” is being used for cookbook storage and a little mini bar!

Kitchen is down the hall from the living room, bathroom at the end.

Space is limited in her kitchen, so she added this little console table in the hallway from All Modern for extra storage. The hanging globe light in the hall came with the apartment, which was a huge bonus! I bought her the standing globe light in the living room (on right) from All Modern to match the vibe.

Opposite wall in living room. White lacquer console with storage from Wayfair. TaskRabbit was key in all of this fast decorating. Em had them mount the TVs, put together all of the furniture and hang the new living room ceiling light.

Another cozy seat in the living room from Wayfair.

Big windows in the bedroom bring in a lot of light!

French poster framed by the view.

New bureau from IKEA in her bedroom. She definitely needed TaskRabbit for this one!

Cute bedside table from Amazon. Rhino has already claimed her Pottery Barn bedroom rug! The two orange lamps in her room are from Grace’s old room in our Rye house. They add a nice pop of color.

I loved helping Em with this project. She had a clear vision for her apartment and we hit the internet and started ordering! In a mere three weeks, she has made it cozy and inviting. I can’t wait to see what she does next when we come  back to New York again in a few weeks! Well done Emily.

the wry home

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Amy January 25, 2021 - 6:35 am

So many great ideas that I am going to ‘borrow’ or more likely STEAL when my own daughter moves back to Big Apple! Some great tips and sources so thank you! MAD FOR THAT NOOK!

Robin January 25, 2021 - 7:37 am

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Hope the new pad brings comfort and happy times with friends ! Enjoy

Kessa January 26, 2021 - 7:10 pm

This looks fantastic! Well done – definitely shows a lot of Emily’s magic too!

Elizabeth January 27, 2021 - 10:07 am

Thank you, Liz for brightening my day! Your daughter’s apartment looks amazing. It looks like you two had fun with an amazing outcome.

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