Orange + Blue

by Liz Dowling

I love the combination of orange and blue! I am always putting the two together when decorating a room. Since the colors are complementary on the color wheel, they create a vivid and energizing effect ~ or at least that’s what I read. I just like it.

I have the combo all over Block Island (above).

Had it in my old Rye office…

Put it in a small bathroom in Rye – lacquered bright orange with a roman shade that had blue/orange in it.

I think I am obsessed with this combination. I also used it in our guest room in Boston – no pics yet unfortunately.

So, I am currently convalescing at my mom’s house in Salisbury, CT after my knee surgery and forgot how I had used it here too! I helped her decorate her new place a few years ago and obviously plastered the whole place in orange + blue. I am so happy to be sitting with all of this color right now, I love it!

I found these two mid-century chairs for $500 total in a thrift store in Millerton, NY. Covered them in orange ultra-suede. Not only are they cute, they are super comfortable.

This little foot stool was originally in a weird pastel plaid, so I recovered it in a cute blue/white fabric from Thibaut.

Mom had two great couches from her old house, but they were in a pale yellow toille.

We recovered them in a textured blue fabric from Kravet and got rid of the bottom skirt to freshen them up. The center blue and white floral pillow is from my old Rye office and we added two new reversible pillows for each corner of the couches.

This is the fabric on the back side of the blue reversible throw pillows. Fun to flip them over to mix it up.

She has two cute blue glass lamps with lucite bases from Wayfair next to the couch by the window. Forgot how much I love the modern Pottery Barn oversized pendant light over the dining room table!

View from the dining room. We did white textured roman shades to keep things clean, but they add visual interest at the three windows. The two orange stools next to the fireplace are from Target, covered in leftover orange ultra suede.

View as you come in the front door. Her rug is neutral, but subtly picks up the orange + blue color theme.

Dining Room ~ with the lights dimmed and a fire in the living room fireplace, it is lovely to eat here.

We take off back to Boston in a few days, but I have a refreshed love for this color combo. It has made me so happy here while I am hopping around on my wooden leg.

I continued the color theme in different ways throughout her house. Here is a vintage leather chair sitting on a Dash & Albert rug, with a small pillow we made out of Kate Spade fabric. Perforated media console behind the chair is from West Elm.

Her TV room is decorated in crisp blue and white.

I decorated her downstairs powder room in one of my FAVORITE wallpapers called “Tree Circles” by Scion. We still have her bedroom and one of the guest rooms to finish, but we already have plans for them. The master bathroom is bring gutted in April and will be done in an adorable, wait for it……. BLUE + WHITE. The design is gorgeous!

So, here was my leg on January 25th after surgery. I had no idea how scary it would look when I unwrapped this bandage…

…and this is what I want to see heading into the spring with some aggressive physical therapy behind me! The orange shoes are motivating me, as are the ankles that are not swollen! Actually, I only have one giant ankle right now.

the wry home

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Mindy February 10, 2021 - 6:46 am

Always love reading your blog! Hope you are recovering nicely!

Elizabeth Dowling February 10, 2021 - 11:27 am

Thanks Mindy!

Jackie February 10, 2021 - 7:52 am

I love all of it. I always loved your orange circle wallpaper but now I want the blue circles!!

Elizabeth Dowling February 10, 2021 - 11:27 am

This wallpaper is the BEST!

Anonymous February 10, 2021 - 10:38 am

Love this!

Pamela c Gillmett February 14, 2021 - 9:35 am

Feel better! Just make sure you do the PT . It helped Bob recover quickly.

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