Big Summer Project
A New Roof

by Liz Dowling

I have never had to replace a roof before. The homes we’ve lived in either had a new roof or, the roof was in such good shape, we didn’t have to worry about replacing it.

On the other hand, our Block Island home has needed a new roof since the day we bought it in 2001. We got a few hefty quotes to replace it, so abandoned the project altogether. Then we vacillated back and forth about putting an addition on the house. If we did that, we could replace the roof with the addition. Addition – never happened.

Fast forward 19 years and a winter with 100 mph winds that blew a significant portion of our roof into the yard. It was time. I gathered four quotes in May, interviewed two of the roofers and chose one. The date to put it on was set for mid-July. Everyone told us NOT to be there when the roof was being done! Too noisy, dirty, nails everywhere. But, I wanted to be there to watch since this is definitely an investment.

The Atlantic Inn was our roof inspiration. I love the blue roof shingles and thought they would work well with our overall home color scheme.

We went with Owens Corning “Duration” roof shingles in Harbor Blue.

This is what the Harbor Blue looks like up close. I got a little freaked out when I saw how light the blue was on the shingle, but (spoiler) I love the way it came out!

Roof coming off in the back of the house. Yes, it is noisy and dirty, but this team was amazing!

Already cleaned up on this side and the waterproof protective layer being put on.

The front of the house with the dormers was a little more frightening. Take a look at the original old boards on the roof!

There were huge gaps. It is amazing we never had a leak. This whole side got a new layer of plywood.

Dormer side getting the waterproof underlayment. The team was so fast!

Before, sad faded green roof….

In progress, beautiful blue roof!

Getting close ~ love it!

Dormer side of the house looking good.


Here is the dormer side before, ugh! For some strange reason, the prior owner had two roof colors going on here.

We also did the little roof on the outdoor shower to match.

How cute it that?

We put a blue roof on our (dirty) garden shed too. Yes, I know it needs to be painted – that is our next task. “Our” meaning the painting team of Liz and Tim.

Roof on! Looks so good and makes the shed look so bad that….

We had to paint it immediately.





Even the weather cooperated with my before and after shots! We are obsessed with our trifecta of blue roofs. Miceli Roofing in Warwick, Rhode Island did the job. John Miceli is the nicest guy around and a pleasure to work with. Our decks, gardens and yard were spotless when they left. Not one rogue tile or nail anywhere. They cleaned everything up beautifully and the entire thing took only TWO DAYS. You can find John’s website here.

the wry home

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Katie July 31, 2020 - 12:49 pm

Love the roof!! Makes the house contemporary and seem larger! The “shed” is what everyone who is lucky enough to have one in the U.K. into an office at these extraordinary times!! Xx

Lindy August 2, 2020 - 7:36 am

Love this story. Great pics too!

Nancy August 12, 2020 - 6:50 am

You never cease to amaze and so inspiring!

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