No Fail Guacamole

by Liz Dowling

Even in our lovely Covid 19 summer, we need a good easy hors d’oeuvre for a nice dinner with family or a small socially distanced gathering. My repertoire can be pretty small, so my contribution is usually the hummus and baby carrot plate.  Store bought hummus, but recycled into my own dish for authenticity, with a dash of olive oil on top.  Lazy, I know…

When the last hostess relegated my dish to the kids’ table, I realized it was time to mix things up.

I have been making guacamole for years, but this summer it became my go-to hors d’oeuvre.  Here’s how I make it:

I usually buy 5-6 ripe avocados.

I use little, cherry tomatoes.  In the summer, there are lots of different varieties that make the guacamole colorful.

One lime.  Sometimes two depending on how much I am making, but lime can overwhelm the dish.

Red onion.

My secret ingredient, Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt.

Cilantro.  This ingredient is optional.  I love Cilantro, but a lot of people don’t.  I sprinkle it on top of the guacamole, but you can leave it off too.

Scoop out the ripe avocado flesh with a spoon and pile them all in a big bowl, leaving room to mix everything up.

Get the lime on the avocado right away so the citrus juice keeps it from going brown.

I don’t mash the avocado.  Instead, I cut it into little pieces.  Keeps it nice and chunky.

Chop up the cherry tomatoes and add them on top of the avocado.


Red onion to taste.  I use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup, but it’s a personal preference.

Salt and pepper is next WITH the Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt.

I have my chopped Cilantro as a garnish or I will bring it along in a separate dish if the hostess wants to sprinkle on top.

P1070299  P1070306  P1070303

P1070310    P1070305
Mix everything up gently, almost fold the ingredients together.  The avocado will break up if mixed too much. Voila!  Keep the guacamole tightly wrapped and refrigerated until you are ready to serve.  I sometimes keep the avocado pit in the middle to keep it from getting brown. I have no idea if it works, but why not?

Happy Summer!

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