Beach Bathroom

by Liz Dowling

It is time to update our Block Island bathrooms. Not a cosmetic update. We have two bathrooms that get pretty heavy use during the spring/summer. They are both really worn down and not very functional, so it is a full gut to the studs.

I have architectural plans done for both bathrooms and am looking for a contractor who wants to work out here… not an easy feat! I haven’t picked out any design elements yet, just preliminary ideas right now. Like a patterned floor perhaps?

I love this tile backsplash and the gold accents. I am very into gold accents right now.

We are definitely putting frameless glass showers in both bathrooms. We will use this shower shape in our downstairs bathroom since that bathroom is tiny and we have to conserve space.

I want a navy vanity with a round gold mirror in the downstairs bathroom. That is our guest bathroom and also doubles as the powder room. What do we think of the navy vanity on a patterned floor? Again, LOVING the gold!

Upstairs, we need a 60″ double vanity. I want to do either white quartz or Carrara marble for the top and paint the vanity a fun color. I am leaning toward some sort of gray, but this blue is pretty. Not crazy about the black accents though, too harsh.

White shiplap floor to ceiling for the downstairs bathroom. It will give that small space a lot of character!

I’m keeping the glass showers simple. White subway tile on the walls and maybe a hexagon Carrara tile on the shower floor.

Another clean, white shower with subway tile.

I like the baby hexagon tile in this shower niche too!

Here is painted shiplap with a patterned floor ~ so pretty!

Upstairs above our double vanity, I might use two rectangular mirrors. I am not a fan of pendant lighting for a bathroom. I prefer sconces. You can barely see, but the wall behind this vanity and mirrors is shiplap to the ceiling. We are doing that upstairs just on the vanity wall.

Here is our downstairs bathroom now. It looks like sheer chaos next to all of these soothing photos. The clawfoot tub takes up way too much space and nobody uses it EVER. The new glass shower will go in the back left corner. Vanity will go where the toilet is now – that wall will be extended 12″ so a 30″ vanity can fit comfortably. The toilet will move under the window, so we are installing a shorter window with a white plantation shutter for privacy. New tile floor, lighting etc.

Our upstairs bathroom is the one that needs some major TLC right away! All four of us use this bathroom when everyone is home and it takes a beating. This whole space will be gutted and combined with the hallway (pic on right) that leads into it. The double vanity will move into the hallway where the linen closet is. The space with the toilet and sink will be replaced with a big glass shower, new toilet and a big linen closet will be built into the wall where the sink is now.

Back to a soothing photo! This is a pretty gray double vanity and I love the Carrara hexagon floor. All photos in this blog post (except for my two bathrooms) are from HOUZZ and our fab architect for this project is Robert Ignarri – link to his website hereStay tuned as we embark on this project!

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sherry kelley September 8, 2020 - 7:39 am

you never stop! If I ever re-do anything, I’m calling you for advice. Hope it’s been a great summer. I got back home a couple of days ago – still settling in. Can’t wait to see you when you are back in Beantown. xo

Elizabeth Dowling September 8, 2020 - 8:59 am

I would love to help you do any project! We are back in Beantown soon and we can have lunch! xx Liz

Amy Harden September 8, 2020 - 7:52 am

Can’t wait to see… good luck finding a contractor… #islandproblems – so funny couldn’t wait to get rid of the 80s gold in bathrooms but am now loving the brass….

Elizabeth Dowling September 8, 2020 - 9:00 am

I am loving the brass too, but have to be careful not to go overboard….

Lindy September 8, 2020 - 3:41 pm

Patterned floors are in now but can look very dated in a few years. I’d stick with modern update to tried and true tile like white/grey basket weave or hexagon. I love the bold navy! And use your old claw foot in the garden. They make great planters!! Just some thoughts…

Elizabeth Dowling September 8, 2020 - 5:17 pm

I do agree on patterned floor… But, I still love it!
Miss you Lindy!

Anonymous September 11, 2020 - 10:29 am

Great ideas. A model for my bathroom do-over!

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