Rhino Has
An Adventure

by Liz Dowling

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. We stayed home for Christmas and New Years this year with our little nuclear family. As much as we love our new Boston apartment, the need for a change of scenery has been bubbling up.

When our daughter called and said she needed a bunch of her stuff driven down to her new NYC apartment….

We grabbed Rhino, booked the Standard High Line and got out of dodge. The Standard is a fabulous place to stay AND they take dogs ~ no fees, no questions asked. Rhino is so spoiled with all of us home due to Covid, I am not sure how will ever leave her alone again!

The Standard is a visual feast after looking at the same things for months. This bar was not open, but still, how pretty!

Textured walls throughout the hotel ~ love.

Our room was upgraded for some reason. This NEVER happens to us! Usually, we get the room next to the smoking section with the sad double bed. Here is our view through floor to ceiling windows. The Statue of Liberty is on the far left.

Tim enjoying the view, also amazed we got an upgrade.

The Standard had a big outdoor area themed “The Forest” with a theater featuring holiday movies, hot toddies, fondue, and warm cookies. You can have brunch, lunch and dinner there too. It was all safely spread out and decorated with little enclaves of trees to keep your table private, and plenty of heaters to keep you warm. Adorable!

We unloaded Emily’s things into her new apartment, did some quick decorating and decamped to “The Forest” for a cocktail and dinner. Rhino joined us and had a great time barking at pretty much everyone. We think she went deaf over the holidays, vet appointment this week….

Gone, but this was an eggnog concoction with tequila and some other crazy delicious ingredients!

Tim guarding some chairs ~ High Line above. The hotel did an amazing job of keeping everyone spaced and safe. Hand sanitizer was everywhere and if you needed a fresh mask, they had them available all over the hotel.

Another view of the Standard. We walked through the West Village and Meatpacking – the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, blue skies and a change of scenery. Yippee!

Nestled among all of the high-end stores and restaurants is still the mainstay of this neighborhood.

Before we left on Sunday, we went to The Elk at 128 Charles Street for brunch. An adorable coffee shop with a perfect outdoor spot to dine. This was a 24-hour escape to New York, but we did a lot. It is amazing how a quick change of venue can brighten up your perspective. I got back to Boston and changed things around, bought flowers, made of list of items I want to get to freshen up the apartment for spring.

We pooped out our old lady! Rhino had a great time in NYC and looked pretty cozy in Emily’s new apartment. I hope to share some really cute detail in Emily’s new digs before I go under the knife for my knee replacement on the 25th.

Stay tuned!

the wry home

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Cindy Hewitt January 13, 2021 - 9:25 am

Feel like I just escaped to lower Manhattan for a few days. Thanks for the getaway Liz!

Karen Bradley McElroy January 13, 2021 - 9:53 am

Looks amazing! I could use a getaway! Good luck on 1/25. ❤️

Elizabeth Dowling January 13, 2021 - 10:09 am

Thank you!

Anonymous January 14, 2021 - 12:33 pm

What a great visual- the hotel and Rhino!
Love mom

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