Paris with No Plans

by Liz Dowling

Tim and I had the pleasure of going to Paris last month. It was our twice postponed 30th anniversary trip, rescheduled because of….. dare I even breathe the word.

My first time planning this trip, I didn’t leave a free moment in our Paris schedule. Museum tickets, exhibits, drinks and dinner reservations, flea markets, trips out of the city and so on. The second time, my planning started to slip a little. For this trip, I scheduled NOTHING. I was spooked that all my prior planning somehow contributed to Covid cancelling both trips!

We booked our tickets on miles too so we didn’t have the annoying task of detangling purchased plane tickets if we had to cancel again.

I did book hotels, but also at the last minute. I used to grab the cute Millesime Hotel on Rue Jacob in our favorite neighborhood. We stayed there the first three nights. Our last three nights were at the Hotel d’Aubusson on Rue Dauphine. The d’Aubusson was booked on the front end of our trip, but well worth the wait. There is a pool and spa downstairs and the best jazz bar in Paris. We went to Burgundy for two nights in the middle of our trip, so switching hotels in Paris was not a big deal.

I would say the theme of this trip was wandering. We would get up, eat breakfast and go. I brought our Paris “City Walks” with us, but even that seemed to get ditched by lunch. The weather was gorgeous, so Tim and I just WALKED.

Poor Notre Dame…

The Luxembourg Gardens all dressed up for fall.

A courtyard coffee stop and my new, fabulous poster from Galerie Documents on Rue de Seine.

We didn’t go into the Louvre this time, but walked all around it!

Paris was crowded.

The Invalides.

Place Dauphine, a lovely spot at the tip of the Ile de la Cite.

Had to stop for some wine and people watching.

The Pantheon.

My favorite, Musee Rodin

So beautiful.

I love fall in Paris.

Shopping! The lines at all the stores were so long……… but that didn’t stop us 🙂

The Samaritane is all new, refreshed and dressed up for Christmas.

Rue du Four and Rue des Rosiers – love Paris streets.

A quick trip to Fontainebleau.

We took the Metro – once!

Our last night, we celebrated our anniversary. We went to most incredible place ~ the Circle de l’Union Interalliee. Incredibly elegant and such a special place to celebrate 30 years.

We had a cocktail in the bar and then were escorted upstairs for dinner. I think we had three waiters assigned to our table alone!

Gorgeous pale blue entrance to the dining room. We could see the Eiffel Tower all lit up from our table. The perfect end to a long-awaited trip.

Food, wine and our Burgundy trip will be in my next blog post!

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Kathr mcd December 2, 2022 - 7:08 am


Anonymous December 3, 2022 - 10:07 am

Eileen F.,
What a lovely, lovely trip. I am so happy for you.


Amy Harden December 4, 2022 - 7:32 am

So glad you got away! Looks fab.. xx

Deb December 4, 2022 - 11:56 am

I LOVE Hotel D’Aubusson !!! Hoping to get there in 2023. What a fantastic post and great trip! xox

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