Spray Paint Summer

by Liz Dowling
Spray Paint Summer

I bought two mis-matched wicker chairs for $30 each at a tag sale this fall.  My original thought was to give them to my daughter for her NY apartment because I am such a good mom.  She vetoed that idea immediately.

They were in pretty good shape, so I hauled them up to RI to see if they would work there.

There was an article in House Beautiful about a homeowner buying two different chairs and painting them the same color to spruce up her entryway.  She painted them both black with matching pillows and they looked fabulous!  Lets see if that will work with these two.

The main color on our outside deck is navy, so I went with that for the two chairs.  Rust-oleum 2x covers really well.  This was a one coat and DONE job.  It had to be because I only bought four cans of paint…

I started with the bottoms first because I usually miss painting an entire leg or another section that is really obvious.

Flipped over.  One coat covered the brown chair really well, very happy.

One done, onto the white chair.  Two cans of spray paint covered the brown chair perfectly.  The white chair is a little bigger, so I hope I have enough.

DONE!  I think they look pretty cute.  I will give them overnight to dry and hope they match the rest of the stuff on my deck.

Not bad!  The navy coordinates well with the standing umbrella and also the cushions/pillows on the rest of my furniture.

I already had the coral cushions and yellow pillows, so I recycled them for this project.

With the paint, this was probably a $100 project all in.  Both chairs are really comfortable and I figure, if they fall apart, I can throw them away!

Miss Emily, you missed out on some pretty cute chairs!


Happy Summer!

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Amy Harden June 27, 2018 - 6:44 am

You so clever!

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