Happy 2018!

by Liz Dowling

Happy 2018!  I am a little blog rusty since I haven’t posted since December 10th.  It was a FABULOUS Christmas season.  Extremely festive with parties, lots of friends & family, delicious food….

Both of my daughters were home for a nice long stretch – which I LOVE!

Many trips into the city, the Nutcracker, more celebratory cocktails.

But all good things have to come to an end my friend.  By New Year’s Day, the thought of red meat, cheese, wine or anything sweet was meh.  Time to rip down all of the Christmas decorations.  ‘HOLIDAY TRADITIONS’ radio station on SiriusXM deleted!

This whole holiday cocktail situation had to be shut down and replaced with…

…Pelligrino for a while.

Clean eating.

Fruit, vegetables, some sort of protein.

No resolutions – a simple reset.

Just in time for the temperatures to drop and some sort of ‘bomb cyclone’ to show up!

It has been insanely cold, cooping us up inside and forcing us to ride the ancient stationary bike reserved for clothes we don’t want to hang up.  The Peloton wasn’t under the tree?

I am taking it all in stride, swigging my Pelligrino.  Lots of fires and thank you notes written.

Tim and I are leaving for someplace warm in a week, so I am NOT complaining!

Cheers to a happy, healthy and FUN 2018.

the wry home

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Amy Harden January 10, 2018 - 2:25 pm

Where are you off to? Can’t wait for that post! Safe travels!

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