Holiday Trinkets

by Liz Dowling

Nine days until Christmas!!!!!

I ran into Target this weekend to grab some last minute wrapping paper and found a few fun trinkets. I have been late on almost everything holiday this year, definitely out of practice. We finally got the tree up this weekend!

Here are a few fun items I grabbed running around Target ~

Two 9″ rattan trees for $10.00 each. Love them because they are completely different from everything else I have. The little pine tree in the middle is Hearth & Hand from the Chip and Joanna Gaines collection. It’s a sweet little Christmas accent on a table or in a bookcase.

A festive plaid table runner for only $15.00! Already in use.

$3.00 silver ornament. Love the little wreath over the window.

$5.00 Coffee mugs for the girls stockings. They both wanted a Nespresso, but I think this is the next best thing.

Holiday spatulas for $2.00 each, also in the girls’ stockings. Maybe they will learn to cook.

What I ran in for, wrapping paper! Grabbed matching twine in two colors to tie it with.

Adorable gift bags for $2.00 each – bought ten.

Another $3.00 silver ornament – the tree!

A dachshund ornament in celebration of Miss Rhino turning 15. I think this is a dachshund? A fuzzy dachshund.

21′ of thick wired ribbon for $5.00. I’ve already used this on a few small wreaths I have in my apartment, really cute!

Another ornament purchased because of the cute detail on the neck.

That is all I had time to throw in my cart. My daughters are getting it all (I hope they are not reading this post) except the gift bags, wrapping paper and ribbon. Emily has a tiny tree in her apartment with one sad ornament on it, so I hope this can help kick-start their own holiday collection.

Since it is not a Hallmark movie over here; I am trying to remember what gifts I ordered online for everyone, standing in line at UPS and NOT finding the perfect family photo for a Christmas card! Where is the Hallmark guy with the groomed facial hair, holding my hot chocolate and offering to wrap all of my gifts?

Merry, Merry Christmas!

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