Holly, Jolly
Target Christmas

by Liz Dowling

Yes, Thanksgiving was barely a memory and people were speeding down my street with trees strapped to the top of their car.  Pumpkins getting dumped in the trash.  Leftover turkey thrown into a pot of chili.

I am just happy  we have a grand total of  32 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year!

I am not the organized Christmas person with gifts purchased and wrapped in August.

I tend to meander through holidays, sipping the last vestige of a Pumpkin Spice Latte while it is being erased from the drink board.

I usually do a last minute Target run for the Thanksgiving turkey pan or some other thing I have forgotten.  This is when the Christmas stuff is newly on the shelves….  I am seduced by the lack of crowds and fresh, clean holiday swag all around me.  Hence, my third year doing a Target Christmas post.

I find ADORABLE stuff there every year, like this $4.00 reindeer mug and $4.00 reindeer ornament.

$5.99 wine stoppers.  Tie these to holiday napkins for a cute hostess gift.

Love this $17.99 Christmas Tree table runner and matching plaid napkins ($9.99 for four).  My holiday table this year is set!

Little holiday bags for $1.00.

A tweed stocking for an unexpected guest.  Festive pom poms and a leather handle $13.00.

$20.00 Target Holiday Truck decor!

A $5.00 mini ornament version of the Target truck and $1.99 drink tumblers.

Bring this $5.00 Santa flask to your next paddle game or ice-skating at Wollman rink!

It’s hard for me to pass up a Nutcracker….  I have admittedly overdone it with these, so my daughter got this $10.00 Nutcracker for her new apartment, but I kept the two $9.00 fuzzy white trees.

Here is my little wine stopper with $3.00 holly jolly cocktail napkins!

Then there are the ornaments…  I find so many cute ornaments at Target every year.  There is a little hunting involved, but it is well worth it.  Plaid snowflake $3.00, plaid Santa on a bike $6.00.

2017 Holiday door ornament $5.00, Christmas barn ornament $5.00.

Wooden sled ornament $5.00.

VERY cute stuff.  There is no relationship between The Wry Home and Target (unfortunately).  They  wouldn’t know me if they fell over me!

Here is my own holiday contribution – two festive candles!

 The Wry Home Winter Berry Candle Gift wrapped candles The Wry Home Blue Spruce Candle
My older Target Christmas posts to browse if you are so inclined:  December 2014 and December 2016.

the wry home

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Amy Harden November 30, 2017 - 6:07 am

I am certainly grateful for you and your Target run. I was in at beginning of season pre Thanksgiving and all shelves were stocked and pristine. I did search for truck ornament a yearly tradition but not anymore! Brighter eyes prevailed! XX

Elizabeth Dowling November 30, 2017 - 10:23 am

So glad I found it and could send to you!

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