by Liz Dowling

Throwback to April 2014!

I know Geraniums might not be the most exciting topic.  But now that spring is officially here, I have to start thinking about my outdoor pots.  Let me preface this with, I have an uncanny knack for killing houseplants and most things I plant outside.  My daughter, on the other hand, has a natural green thumb and I enlisted her to help me plant some geraniums.

"Henry Cox"

“Henry Cox”

At my last garden club meeting, we had a fabulous lecture given by Kent Russell.  Kent is a perennial specialist based in Bucks County, PA and a VERY entertaining speaker.  He brought an huge assortment of plants with him, including some unique and lovely geraniums.

"Vancouver Centennial"

“Vancouver Centennial”

They were beautiful with colorful leaves and different from most geraniums I am familiar with.  They looked good on their own and also when Kent paired the different varieties together.

"Persian Queen"

“Persian Queen”

"Frank Headley"

“Frank Headley”

Kent told us geraniums like hot sun and very little water.  They do not like to be wet.  Just my kind of plant!  The less I have to do, the better.  I bought four of the geranium varieties he had with him.

P1030557 P1030561

My daughter thought the “Persian Queen” and the “Henry Cox” would look good together in a pot.  I defer to her!

P1030569 P1030563

The “Vancouver Centennial” was big, so Grace planted it on its own.


“Frank Headley” looked elegant in this planter Grace found in our garage.

P1030566    P1030556   P1030553

My daughter did a fabulous job planting the geraniums and lecturing me on their care.  Now I have to watch the weather report so I can bring them inside before it rains.  I can’t water them more than every three weeks and have to make sure they are soaking up hot sun.  Or…. I can slip Grace some extra allowance to take care of them!


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