by Liz Dowling

I remember having my first Corona conversation in January. I was getting my hair cut and Bryant asked me if I heard that the virus originated from bats? I nodded, engrossed in my magazine. It was so far away at that point. But became very real in my house on March 11th. Two of my oldest friends were over for dinner. We were laughing, playing music, oblivious to what was going on. My phone started blowing up at 9:30 because of the flight ban. My daughter called, booking a train ticket out of New York City. My husband, on a business trip, was scrambling to get home. My friend grabbed her phone to move her flight home to Winston-Salem from Boston sooner.

Even though that was only two weeks ago, it seems like a lifetime. When we could have friends over, go to our favorite restaurant, exercise in a group. I honestly do not know how to process this. I am following all the rules. Washing my hands, staying six feet away from people, wiping down everything in my path. It is easier to do what I am told and focus on my little nucleus of a family then let the reality of what is happening seep in. I am a binge worrier. If I see a strange spot on my arm, I google it to death, convinced of bed bugs or something much worse. Corona is way above my worry pay grade.

It is baby steps for me. I am choosing to focus on how to keep all of us healthy, comfortable and somewhat functional while we wait. With three out of four of us working from home, I quickly ordered six internet boosters so it’s possible for everyone to Skype, Zoom, present or whatever needs to happen for work. Next, where was everyone going to sit now that we were in an APARTMENT??????? We closed on our Rye house January 6th, roughly two months shy of all of this. It would have been a lot easier to hunker down in place there… but, here we are.

Office #1 for Emily. In her bedroom, with a view of Boston and a frequent low-flying visitor.

Office #2, the master bedroom. There are a variety of seating areas and you can always get in bed and pull the covers over your head when you remember why you are working from home.

Office #3. Not as private, but good for pretending to work and really watching TV.

Office #4, at the dining room table. Good view of Boston, lots of room to spread out and close to the kitchen to grab all of the food you would literally never eat before Corona.

Office #5, our deck. This one is for the family member who has been the most annoying. Believe it or not, I have an internet booster out here too. Place your bets on the first one assigned to this post!

The beauty maintenance issues reared their ugly heads very quickly into this mess. My roots blew in with a vengeance overnight. I went to CVS, wandering around in a 6′ away haze, looking for hair color. I grabbed these three because, guess what, there was a run on hair color. I used 4G which was WAY wrong, so it is a good thing I have to stay far away from you!

I realize nails are the least of our worries, but I think its important to try and keep to a somewhat regular maintenance routine. I have a few supplies on hand for practice, practice, practice. Hopefully the girls can learn a new skill 🙂

New job, CLEANING! Now that four of us are under the same roof, I get to do it all the time – YEAH! Note the Liquid Plumr specifically for HAIR CLOGS Emily and Grace…

Quarantine Hobbies:  Old weights with old tapes.

Books I’ve been meaning to read.

Getting outside as much as possible.


Taking a moment to breathe so I don’t get too overwhelmed.

Hanging with Rhino and the rest of my family.

Staying connected! Zoom (cocktail) meetings with friends, calls with family, written notes, catching up on emails. This is the perfect time to tell them how much they mean to you. Stay well.

the wry home

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