by Liz Dowling

Curtains have never been my thing.  If I can leave a window bare, I will.  When we lived in Charlotte, there were plantation shutters on almost every window in our house when we bought it.  I was ecstatic.


I had custom curtains made for our NY living room about seven years ago.  I picked three colors of Dupioni Silk from this great place in Gastonia, North Carolina called Mary Jo’s Cloth Store.  Cream, teal green and black to make wide horizontal stripes.  The price for the silk was a whopping $14.98 a yard.

Original curtain with teal green middle

Original curtain with teal green middle

I was in a “green” phase then and the color seeped into almost every room in my house, including the curtains.  It was strange because I normally don’t like green and now I had to get rid of it because I switched the living room color scheme to pink and charcoal gray.  I forgot how expensive it was to make curtains too!


I dragged my four curtain panels from place to place to see if I could get the teal green middle panels removed and replaced with a pink silk.  The cream tops and black bottoms were fine.  No, no, no was the reply.  All four curtain panels would have to be completely remade to the tune of some crazy $$ amount.


I finally found a place that said they would do it.  Westchester Upholstery in Port Chester, NY.  For $100 a panel.  $400 to fix four curtains and they did a beautiful job.  I found a lovely pink silk by Kravet (Mary Jo’s didn’t have the right color pink), ordered 8 yards and Westchester Upholstery had my “new” curtains ready in a week.

P1020905 P1030245

the wry home

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