My Sad, Neglected Laundry Room

by Liz Dowling

Gets a well deserved refresh.

I am not sure what possessed me to paint this room flesh pink and dark brown ten years ago?  Add to it, the ye olde photos of my family members…  a little creepy.

When our washer and dryer BOTH died the same week, I decided it was time to seize the opportunity and give the laundry room a quick refresh.  This was a serious budget job, so I will take you through each step.  First – paint the walls, trim and ceiling.  I had enough leftover Benjamin Moore “Stonington Gray” for the walls and white trim/ceiling paint from last November when I updated my daughter’s bedroom.  Paint = FREE.  Painters = $300.

Down came all of the pictures and nail holes filled because my goal was a much CLEANER look.

Toss the light brown cabinet knobs and this ugly basket full of junk…

New Glass Knobs = FREE.  They were found in a drawer.  The White Wooden Box = $12.00.  Only there to cover up the outlet that looks weird with the cut-out backsplash and to hold single socks that end up alone in the dryer.

The old window curtain had to go.  So did the bent curtain rod.

I had a remnant piece of fabric that was the perfect size for a new curtain.  Fabric = FREE.  LABOR = $50.00

New Curtain Rod = $5.00.

Mismatched hangers, cumbersome ironing board and old wastebasket…. GONE.

One box of 50 Gray Hangers = $20.00.  New mini ironing board (still en route) = $35.00.

New Wastebasket = $15.00.  Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor carpet runner = $135.00.

An indoor/outdoor rug is great for laundry room spills, humidity – basically anything wet!

So much better!


Orchid = FREE, moved to laundry room from family room.  Floral painting to cover the exposed hoses/electrical = FREE, found in the guest room closet.

Give me a week and this room will be a mess!  BUT, in the meantime, I am loving my laundry room.  To recap, cost was:  1) Painters $300  2) White Wooden Box $12.00  3) Curtain Labor $50  4) Curtain Rod $5.00  5) Hangers $20.00  6) New Ironing Board $35.00  7) Wastebasket $15.00. 8) Dash & Albert runner $135.00

TOTAL = $572.00

A quick and easy refresh for under $600 and now a place I like wandering into and maybe throwing in a load…

the wry home

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