by Liz Dowling

Let me tell you something about moving, I forgot that it is NOT FUN!

We are squeezing 14+ years of living in our house into a 1,500 sq ft apartment. The downsizing started with our estate sale…

Weird selling all of your stuff BTW.

Pulled together some design elements for the new apartment in-between cleaning, culling and throwing out. Ordered some modern new chairs in this fabric and am lining series of bookcases in this wallpaper.

Here comes the moving van!

We are not going to fill this, RIGHT?

Empty rooms and wrapped furniture is very sad (:

The other side of the coin is also overwhelming. Boxes, boxes, boxes and more BOXES!

We moved on a Sunday and by Tuesday night, I was extremely crabby. Couldn’t find the mate to any shoes, the Nespresso was buried somewhere. Luckily, I had a trip to NYC planned to celebrate birthdays with friends and family, so I fully ran away from this mess early Wednesday morning.

Bow Bridge in Central Park

The Eldorado

A little Christmas window shopping. I could feel the stress starting to recede!

I had a second wind when I got back to the apartment. Task Rabbit has become my new best friend. On speed dial, they have been here around the clock unpacking, organizing and hanging artwork.

I managed to squeeze in a birthday in the middle of the chaos 🙂

Poor Rhino does not know which end is up, sleeping on my bag instead of her pillow. Lots of treats for this sweet little girl.

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I anticipate this weekend featuring Tim and I putting together our IKEA bookcases on the floor with the awkward little screwdrivers. It will be a while until I am ready for the apartment reveal, but in the meantime, I hope everyone has a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

the wry home

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