by Liz Dowling

First day of spring was March 2oth.  As I type, I am still thawing out my hands from a trip to the outdoor garden center.

I failed to see the 39 degree, windy forecast on my little weather thing in the kitchen before I left the house.

Froze to death in my thin raincoat. Serves me right for thinking I could go buy stuff to plant in the yard in April!

I thought I saw signs of spring popping up, but now I’m not so sure?

P1060790  P1060788
We just replaced the batteries in our gas fireplace remote.

I pulled my black down coat back OUT of the closet.

I have socks on.

I am making chili for dinner.

Freshly washed bathing suits from a recent senior mom/daughter trip are mocking me from across the room.

P1060747  P1060750  P1060742
Our Patagonia collection is alive and well and still in play.

My Weather Channel app has the nerve to say it will be SIXTY degrees later this week!

Initially, I wanted to identify each one of these plants in the photos for easy purchasing/planting.

But I couldn’t keep my cold, ungloved hands out of my pockets long enough to write anything down.

So, in the meantime….  I will refer to all this color for the next few days until it warms up and I can’t see my breath outside.

Can I pretend its spring if I’m still sleeping on flannel sheets?

the wry home

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Missie Fahey April 14, 2015 - 10:58 am

Its feeling like spring somewhere, Liz! Thanks for sharing inviting color bursts. It will be here soon I hope. In the meantime cozy up in front of the gas fireplace with a warm toddy!

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