by Liz Dowling

Halloween has morphed into something different at our house.

Gone are the last minute wardrobe emergencies, using a Sharpie for cat whiskers because I can’t find the black crayon and searching for all of the Party City receipts because my kids changed their minds 20 times since the first costume idea Labor Day weekend.

Now, Halloween parties are the focus for my two little cherubs and trick-or-treating is out!  My husband and I continue to do rock/paper/scissors to decide who will answer the door and hand out the candy, although I know he secretly loves to do it.

Top 4 all time favorites

Top 4 all time favorites

I finally figured out that if I buy all the candy on the 31st, not only is it on sale, maybe I won’t eat (all of) it every time I pass the bowl in the hallway.

P1050350  P1050318
Pumpkins, mums, gourds and all of the accouterment that goes along with Halloween are still the decor at my house.

IMG_1896 P1050342 IMG_1924
I even wore a mask answering the door last year (not the best idea).

My mask last year....

Me last year

There was a family in my neighborhood growing up that left a bathtub full of M&Ms outside the front door because they were never home on Halloween.

IMG_2781It was always the first stop for my brother and I, shoving handfuls into our pillowcases.

Rhino not a fan of Halloween

Rhino not a fan of Halloween

As tempting as it is to go out for Halloween night and leave our candy outside, I would miss all of those sweet faces in their costumes.

I am hanging around until the doorbell rings for the last time.

Rhino needs to show off her new costume and we need to hand out ALL of the candy!

candy corn

the wry home

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