Drink of the Summer

by Liz Dowling

My go-to drink this summer is the Sparkling Paloma. At a mere 158 calories for a full 8.8 oz cocktail, you can’t go wrong!

What you will need: Blanco Tequila. My favorite is Casamigos because it is so clean, but you can use any white tequila you have on hand. 2.0 ounces of tequila ~ 128 calories. You can also do 1.5 ounces, but we do 2.0 ( 1 part tequila, 3 parts mixer is the general recipe).

Fever Tree sparkling pink grapefruit. I use the whole 6.8 ounce bottle for the cocktail ~ 30 calories a bottle!


A lot of people use a slice of grapefruit for the garnish, but I prefer lime because the Fever Tree is very grapfruity, so I like the contrast of the tart lime. I’ve seen orange or lemon slices used for garnish as well.


A tall glass. You can see how easy this is!

Pour 2.0 ounces of tequila over ice, top with the Fever Tree sparkling grapefruit, stir and garnish with fruit of your choice.

I love this cocktail because it is so light and refreshing. Also, super easy to make when you have guests.

Some people put sugar or salt around the rim of the glass for an extra punch. I am too lazy.

Such a pretty color for a drink too! I hope you enjoy this delicious summer cocktail. We are hiding our Fever Tree mixer now because it is so hard to find…… CHEERS!

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Anonymous August 12, 2021 - 10:07 am

Love this Liz & your photos are super

Meg August 12, 2021 - 11:37 am

Perfect summer drink!! Love it !! 💗

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