Bargain Stools

by Liz Dowling

In my search for an upholstered bench or small love seat to place at the bottom of our bed – I hit the jackpot.  20″ x 20″ square stools on sale popped up on my computer screen.

Target Stools
They were $75.00 each.  In an ugly brown fabric, but that’s an easy fix.

p1090614 p1090615
Great metal bases in a rubbed black.  Sold!  Two of these will fit the space perfectly.

Now to find fabric to recover them.  I used a lot of Seacloth fabric (by Lee Jofa) in this room, so I started my search there.

Seacloth fabric
The new fabric had to be in the navy / lavender family.  Another find!  A pretty Seacloth wisteria pattern called “Mesh” was on sale for $19.99 a yard.  Two yards will be plenty for this project.

These are the other fabrics in the room.  I think the new wisteria fabric will look pretty sitting at the end of the bed.

Mesh by Seacloth in wisteria
Tally so far: $150 for the two stools.  $40 for the fabric.  Reupholstery estimate to cover both $175.

Target Benches
Total ~ $400, including all shipping.  Not bad!  Custom stools like these can sometimes run as high as $800 apiece.

p1000438  img_6743

Mesh by Seacloth
I have a lot of patterns in this room, so I was a little worried about adding yet another one.  But once I got the stools finished and situated at the end of the bed, it was all good!

Lee Jofa p1090624 p1000418

 p1000424 p1000428 p1000421
Now I have a place to sit and put on my shoes, dump my clean laundry and park my weekend bag to pack.

Rhino likes them too!

the wry home

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