What’s Old is….. Still Old, But Recovered

by Liz Dowling

I have two club chairs that I bought 25 years ago and have been trying to get rid of for the last 20.  They have a scroll arm (ugh), a skirt (hate that) and the oversized, blocky furniture look of the 1980’s.

These chairs and the matching ottoman keep hanging around my house.  They lived in the basement for a while, were in my daughter’s room, took a spin in the guest room and are now fixtures in the family room.  When the fabric showed serious signs of wear this year, I was joyous.

Time to discard and replace!!!!

I looked at mid-century modern, contemporary, classic and traditional styles- so many choices.

Too many choices… three months went by and I could not make a decision.

I blame it on my dog.  I sat in a ton of chairs, but none of them had the little nook I needed for Rhino to squeeze in next to me.

So, UNBELIEVABLY, I am recovering these three pieces AGAIN.  This time with a few tweaks.

New feet on all three pieces.


And all of the cushions will be filled with fresh down.  This is probably their last spin around the house, so I will circle back when they are done so you can see the finished product!

the wry home

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