The Rye Daffodil Show

by Liz Dowling

The Jay Heritage Center was the venue for the annual Rye Daffodil show this year.  A friend asked me to help her out with a project at the event and, when I got there, I was amazed by the variety of daffodils on display.

P1030672 P1030688

It was pretty hard not to be impressed with what I saw.  Especially when I knew what was in my yard….

Sad lone daffodil

Sad lone daffodil

My daffodil “collection” was a sorry state of affairs compared to these.

P1030673  P1030706

Hopefully another bloom would emerge from this clump in my yard!

Image 1

Even with my prowess for growing daffodils, this show motivated me to upgrade to the next level.  These flowers were gorgeous.

P1030735 P1030679

  P1030689 P1030690

Pale pinks, bright yellows, creamy whites against vibrant orange.  A hint of green in the middle.  Beautiful.

P1030681 P1030671

The Jay Heritage Center was the perfect setting for the show.  Built in 1838, this Greek Revival mansion sits on 23 acres in Rye overlooking Long Island Sound.

 P1030731 Image 9

Suzanne Clary, the president of the Jay Heritage Center, has done an amazing job preserving this landmark.  The Jay back porch, facing the water, is a serene place to sit and enjoy the view.  The “Actaea” daffodil (above, middle) was planted on the Jay Heritage property in 1927.


A first prize winner above!

P1030684 P1030686

It was easy to get distracted from my job at hand, but these ladies kept me on track AND organized the entire show.

Chris, Liz, Cheryl and Amy

Chris, Liz, Cheryl and Amy

I left with a newfound respect for the variety of daffodils available and went home to give my two sad little daffodils a lunch of Miracle Grow.  What are your favorite daffodils?  Comment and let me know!

Jay Heritage Center in Rye

Jay Heritage Center in Rye

the wry home

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