Entrepreneur Focus:
Ivy Becker

by Liz Dowling

When one has an impossibly creative college roommate who looks like she belongs in Manhattan instead of Saratoga Springs, New York – it is no surprise she becomes a successful entrepreneur.  Ivy began her post-college career in fashion at Glamour magazine before stepping out on her own.

Ivy in our college days

Ivy in our college days

What was your career path?

I started at Conde Nast.  It was never work.  It was absolute joy.  I worked at Glamour Magazine, American Elle and then Vogue, my dream!

After Vogue, I went to a society / style magazine called Avenue.  I did this for 10 years and thought I might like to get back into the art world.  I got a Master’s at Columbia in Art and Education, while at the same time working at a tribal art gallery off 5th Avenue in New York.

Meanwhile, in my travels, I was finding amazing resources in Mexico for sterling silver.  To make a long story short, I started a catalogue called Beresford and Brown with my dear friend Maureen who owned the art gallery.  We used our family names, they sound so anglophile!

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Our catalogue did quite well.  We designed sterling silver gifts and monogrammed them.  We actually did the wedding gifts for one of the Kennedys.

We closed the catalogue when I got married.  I renovated a few apartments and houses which was very fun – and out of the blue, opened a store called PIP (pop in please) in my hometown.

P1080766  P1080768
All went well and here we are today at OLIVE 54.

I have a partner at OLIVE 54 whose name is Pam Greenberg.  We bought the building, renovated it and both run the shop.  It’s all very easy and relaxed.  I think it shows in our atmosphere.  People enjoy visiting.

When you opened OLIVE 54 in 2011, what was your inspiration?

I had a boutique at the time that was young and hip called PIP.  I wanted to explore House and Garden as another theme.

How did your background prepare you for retail?

I was a fashion editor which is design.  Being an editor I believe is the best foray into retail.  You really know the markets and you have the eye and experience of putting stories together.  Boutiques are stories really.

P1080714  P1080719
What inspires you?



Who has influenced your work?

My biggest influences still come from my experience working at Vogue.  I think I was fortunate to work with the greatest taste makers and designers of our time.

P1080751 P1080731
Who is your favorite up and coming designer?

I don’t have one.  I love street fashion and indigenous cultures.


Dream accomplishment or project?

My dream right now would be to design a self sustaining green farm.

P1080741  P1080752


Go-to inspirational cocktail?

Anything with artisanal ice!  The greatest gift to Happy Hour since the swizzle stick!


Favorite place to relax on the beach?

I am not a beach person.  I love to travel, find markets and explore.  I’m afraid sitting still on the sand has the opposite effect on me!



P1080755  P1080724
Are you working on anything new now?

Planning our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam.  I anticipate finding enamel work.  We are also opening an online shopping site.

P1080707  P1080725  P1080712

P1080764  P1080735  P1080718

Olive 54
54 West Main Street
Ramsey, New Jersey  07446


Instagram: @olive54ramsey

Facebook: Olive 54

Thank you Ivy!

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