Block Island Faves

by Liz Dowling

My laptop died on me last week, so the post I was planning on publishing today is locked in a dead MacBook Air.

In the meantime, I am re-posting all of my favorites places to go on Block Island.  I posted it too late last year (August 28th) so this timing is actually better!  Next week I hope to be back up and running and will start chatting about the August 11th Block Island House Tour that I am on…..

Glass Onion



Clothes, jewelry, home, garden, bath and body.  A little bit of everything in this adorable jewel box of a store.

Eli’s Restaurant


Cannot stay away from this restaurant!  Go early or have a drink at the bar while you wait.

Twin Maples Bait and Tackle

Image 3


Favorite T-shirt on the island.  EAT FISH!

The Ice Cream Place



Yup, we are probably here way too much in the summer.  But we LOVE it!

Block Island Club

P1050078 P1050080

The vortex.  Where I met so many of my friends.  Where sailing and swimming lessons introduced my kids to their lifelong best friends.

P1050082 P1050081

Anyone visiting the island can join for a week or more.  A true gem since 1963.

Payne Farm Stand



Island owned, on Lakeside Drive, the cutest little farm stand ever.

The Atlantic Inn


P1040948 P1040950

Our FAVORITE place on the island for a cocktail.  Outside, with a view and a sunset.  Can’t beat that.

The Empire Theatre


Built in 1882, this historic theatre has a brand new digital projector and all of the current movies.  But I would see a movie here no matter what.  Charming and lovingly restored by Gary Pollard, this is a must see.

The Bagel Shop


A staple.  Iced coffee, bagels, giant muffins, fabulous sandwiches.  You will definitely be here if you visit Block Island!

Crescent Beach




Blocks of Fudge


P1040924 P1040919

A good, old-fashioned candy store.

Abrams Animal Farm


P1040934 P1040935

My daughter and her alpaca friends…..

The Farmer’s Market

P1040956 P1040963

The Block Island Farmer’s Market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.  Everything is either grown or made on the island.  If you are here and don’t visit the Farmer’s Market, then you have truly missed something!


Block Island North Light

Image 22

Need I say more?


the wry home

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Melinda Sweet August 28, 2014 - 7:53 pm

Such a great feeling of being on the Block in you blog. Your daughter and her friend look pretty good too! Sad to say goodby to all the pleasures you highlight.

Kathleen Perkal August 29, 2014 - 10:48 am

Looks like the last weekend may be one of the best…enjoy!

Priscilla Anderson August 31, 2014 - 7:54 am

THAT is summer for sure — you captured it! I’ll be looking back on this blog often this winter and longing for next summer…..

Jenny Noonan January 27, 2015 - 8:07 am

You have made my day! Love the pictures and the summer memories.
So many great ideas. Love your Blog. I am a fan!

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